Uma crítica fantástica ao Lyngdorf TDAI2170

TDAI 2170 angle  - w light background



Com a profundidade a que a HomeTheaterHifi nos habituou…

“So silent is the TDAI-2170, I highly recommend Lyngdorf Audio look into trademarking the background silence in audio media and rename it “black-ground.” It is truly the most silent background I have ever heard, on any system, of any kind.

In the end, it is really what Lyngdorf Audio eliminated from the traditional Class D amplifier that makes the TDAI stand above others. By going to the source of “noise” in the amplifier and solving each problem individually with no short cuts or bypasses, Lyngdorf Audio has redefined what a “Class D” amplifier should sound like – absolutely nothing.”

“Music is the space between the notes.” – Claude Debussy


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